TMG Thermal metal recovery pyrometallurgical process

Our investment in the future


We developed the solution for high-quality recycling of SRA residues in the form of a novel and revolutionary pyrometallurgical process. This enables us for the first time to extract the finest metals from waste and at the same time produce further raw materials and use the energy.

Thus, not only copper and precious metals are recovered, but other products such as high-quality, CO2-free, mineral binder as well as zinc are produced. The energy contained in the residues is used by converting it into electricity and providing local and district heating. We thus guarantee that the raw materials contained in old products can be used again for new things.

Future TMG
State of the art SRA


Recycling rate 99%


Residues from state-of-the-art recycling plants have to be landfilled or incinerated due to a lack of further recycling options.
TMG solves this problem, uses the metal as well as the energy and additionally produces a high-quality, CO2-free binder.

And generates electricity and heat on the side

As a technology company, we supply the economy with high-quality raw materials as well as products and generate electricity and heat at the same time,
which benefits regional electricity customers and heat consumers.

15,000 households

15,000 households

...receive electricity.

5,000 households

5,000 households

...receive heat.

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1 t/a


Infographic explaining SRA and TMG

FIGURES IN TSD. T/A = thousand tonnes per year | MW = MEGAWATT
DEFINITIONS: FE = ferrous | NE = non-ferrous | BM = non-ferrous metal


Recycling is a highly emotional topic. In order to protect the environment, we are putting our concentrated knowledge into innovative and state-of-the-art technology in order to carry out smart recycling right now.

Our resources are limited. It is far from enough to launch short-term environmental programmes, it is a matter of making a fundamental decision to conserve resources. Raw material treasures that will be lost forever without the right recycling methods. This is exactly where we intervene!

With our revolutionary process, we really leave nothing behind. Through our special high-tech process, we achieve an unprecedented recycling rate of 99% in the entire recycling chain - a process that is a global trend-setter. This means we get everything out of waste in order to recycle it completely.

This means that copper, gold and other precious metals are recovered by us through our pyrometallurgical process and can be utilised by our customers. The loss of these important materials is almost completely eliminated and all recovered raw materials are retained. We at Bernegger are proud of this, because it is not only a success for us, it is a success for all of us!

It is crucial that words are followed by deeds. We live this every single day with our resource management by counteracting the scarcity of resources and "saving" the valuable resources. Our work will never be finished, that much is certain. We will continue to pioneer and see ourselves as a central pillar in resource management.

Precise process control enables us to ensure the highest quality for the products produced at TMG - metal alloy and mineral building material. We succeed in manufacturing products that are equivalent to a primary product.

The end of the possibilities in mechanical processing for the "rest of the rest", i.e. fine-grained, low-metallic residues from multi-stage recycling plants, has been reached. The combination of metallurgy with state-of-the-art thermal waste utilisation technology is unique and has the potential to revolutionise waste management. The areas of application are diverse and the waste streams to be treated are huge worldwide.

Because we are committed to comprehensive recycling and the sustainable conservation of our resources, existing technologies have been improved and raised to a new level by TMG. This conserves landfill volumes as well as primary raw material deposits and protects nature, compared to conventional extraction of primary metals. The entire Enns raw materials park has been positively assessed in an environmental impact assessment for people and the environment.

Compliance with the emission values is monitored online by the authority and this information is publicly accessible. TMG meets the highest requirements through extensive investments in a multi-stage flue gas cleaning system.

Enns Raw Materials Park

The perfect location!

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