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In the picture from left to right: DI Helmut Lugmayr MBA (Managing Director Bernegger GmbH), KommR Kurt Bernegger (Managing Partner Bernegger GmbH), Prok. DI Kurt Bernegger (Management Bernegger GmbH), Univ.Prof. DI Dr. mont. Roland Pomberger (University of Leoben)

Press release

Bernegger GmbH is a family business - founded in 1947 - with locations throughout Austria. Top-motivated employees, our own raw material extraction and a powerful machine park distinguish us as a reliable partner. Adherence to deadlines and uncomplicated realisation of our projects are important to us and we set standards in the areas of construction, raw materials and the environment. We have high standards for ourselves and want to create new jobs as well as leave behind an environment worth living in, which is why we have been investing in resource-saving concepts for decades.

Near-natural plans for recultivating our extraction sites, gentle mining methods and low-emission logistics systems are a priority for us. Innovative processing and recycling systems enable us to keep raw materials in the cycle for as long as possible. The practicality of our concepts proves itself anew every day. Sustainability must not only be discussed, but also lived. We move sustainably.